I love interesting salads, so I made a beetroot and feta salad. I’m not into the new year new me nonsense, but I do wish to eat better this year. Soon the baby is going to be one, and I’m hyper vigilant about what she eats and then rather careless about my own nutrition, often eating toast or a frozen pizza as it is easy and takes little prep. I don’t want her to point a finger at me and call me a hypocrite.

Some great salad tips:

1. Lettuce is not a must. Lettuce is actually a really boring vegetable. Use spinach or rucola. Add some cabbage and basil leaves. If you really want lettuce, use Romain and not ice berg. Better still, butter lettuce is great…kind of velvety.

2. If you are not intolerant, add a little dairy. Feta cheese, Maltese gbejna, mozzarella balls…anything you fancy.

3. Don’t be afraid to get fruity. Apples and carrots are great together. So is pear and Gorgonzola. Cranberries go great with broccoli. Waldorf salad has grapes in it.

4. If you’re getting fruity, might as well go nuts too. I love apple and walnuts in salad. Or pine nuts. Seeds work too.

5. A little dressing goes a long way. Dry salad is nasty. A light vinaigrette is always tasty. And season your salad with salt and pepper.

6. Always add some protein: meat or poultry, hard boiled egg, fish, beans or chickpeas are all great options.

I remember I once watched a Jamie Oliver programme and he showed pictures of vegetables to school children and shockingly, they did not know what they were. I don’t want that to be the fate of my kid. And the only way to prevent that is by example.