For 19 weeks, I puked non-stop,

Lost 10kg, the cherry on top,

I’m mega tired, need frequent naps,

My veiny boobs look like google maps,

Both my nipples look like salami,

All of this to become a mommy,

I google ingredients before I eat,

I’m at the stage where I can’t see my feet,

Let alone my down below,

I’ll need to pay someone to give it a mow,

I snore, it sounds like a buzz saw,

But the little kicks leave me in awe,

And don’t forget all the advice!

Which is mostly rubbish but I smile to be nice.

My bum aches with burning piles,

I seem to have lost my feminine wiles,

I haven’t pooped for 5 days straight,

I waddle under my own weight,

And of course my new found girth,

Did I mention I’m petrified of the birth?

No alcohol, no Brie, not even a sushi roll,

All of this is starting to take its toll,

Most of my clothes look like a tent,

The stretch marks should start paying rent.

My emotions have run a mock,

With every ultrasound I stare in shock

At the little hands and little toes,

The heart shaped lips and button nose.

This darling foetus of mine,

When I look at that screen, I feel that it’s all fine.

And I know I worry and I fret,

Because I’m in love with a little person who I haven’t yet met.

And pregnancy is super tough

And February can’t come fast enough.

Because I can’t wait to hold u and kiss your little face,

Soon, so soon. Watch this space 🙂