We made acquaintances when I was only nineteen. Who knew that that chance encounter would end up paving the way for our lives together?
I don’t usually do this: the grand gesture. The massive PDA. The selfies saying #blessed or #lovehim. I know you don’t particularly like them. But yesterday I was talking to a writer friend of mine (you know who she is) and we discussed how summer time can be a sometimes dry time for inspiration.
But today I was in the supermarket and Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’ came on… ‘for all those times you stood by me, for all the truth that you made me see…’ and I couldn’t help but think of you. Now that song is corny. Cornier than a vegan’s turd. But I’ve never shied away from corny. I feel I do it quite well. 
Because it never occurred to me before, but unknowingly, you are my greatest muse. 
We have had such rough times. Times when we thought of parting ways. Times when we thought we just can’t go on together. But somehow we always managed to pull it together. The two of us are probably the biggest mismatch to ever be together; me, artistic and dreamy but at the same time very hard on herself and very strong; you logical with a clear and unwavering vision and true to his word. Numbers come naturally to you whereas to me they are just a jumble of squiggly lines; getting up on a stage to say my piece without any kind of rehearsal is my thing whereas I think that would be the stuff of nightmares for you. 

So yeah. Chalk and cheese.
But you know what? If an artist grabbed a piece of chalk, a beautiful drawing could be made of a piece of cheese. And all of a sudden, the chalk and cheese are connected. 

And like that arrow-straight and dependable piece of chalk, you have stood by me, the hunk of cheese. Swiss cheese, because, like me, it’s kind of unpredictable when you slice it open. 
We have come to a point in our lives where we have let go of all our airs and graces and we stand vulnerable in front of each other. And all that’s left is truth and a trust that is the real deal. Lately you told me that I have made you a better person. And that really touched my heart, because even though we have been through more than what was fair for life to throw at us, we still reached this point. Because I believe that the person you choose to be with should bring out the best version of yourself. And if I managed to do that, then I know that all is ok. Oh, and #relationshipgoals.
And I love you deeply and sincerely.
You have taught me that I don’t have to operate alone. You have taught me that it is ok to be fragile sometimes. That it is ok to open up and love another person. 
We have come such a long way. And through it all, I can safely say, there was always love. Even when we felt we hated each other, deep down, even if it was dim and in embers, there was always that flicker of a flame of love that refused to die. Love is important. But what is really important is to have the humility and the bravery to make room for growth and to do it together.
You will probably tell me to take this post down, it being a little personal and maybe too honest, perhaps my biggest virtue and my biggest flaw all at once. But I’m hoping it will be a couple of hours before you notice it. 

My world’s a better place because of you.