I was really disappointed when I found out the Hillary Clinton did not win the election. And flabbergasted about who she lost to. I could not believe that Donald Trump got elected to be the leader of a country as big and as powerful as the USA. 

I have some pretty firm beliefs on leadership. I think that some people were born to be leaders. I think some were born to be followers. And I think some people think they should be followers but soon realise they would make damn good leaders and if given the opportunity would be fantastic (think Bernie Sanders). So where exactly does Trump fit in?

That’s the problem.

He doesn’t.
Now I suppose one can argue that he leads his businesses well, within reason, but well. The thing is, a business is not a country full of people. If one is not happy working for a bad leader in his business, it is not too difficult to find a new and better job, working for perhaps a better person. But it is phenomenally difficult to pick up your family and leave your country and your home due to a bad president. It has been done, but the challenge of doing that can not be compared to leaving one’s place of work. And I believe Trump is trying to run America like his businesses: with an ‘if you don’t like it, too bad, just leave, I’m the boss’ kind of attitude. What he does not realise is that most healthy people create an attachment to their home and country and family and ‘just leaving’ is not a viable option.

Trump does not seem to be the kind of person who will help anyone out without gaining something tangible from it, which is already a huge no-no when it comes to being a good leader. In order to be a successful leader, your feelings and interests have to come last and you have to be mature enough to have the objectivity to find what is best for those who follow you despite one’s personal opinion. Trump may not agree with abortion, but removing funds from planned parenthood is a mistake. His choice for secretary of education may have never used the public school system but the majority of Americans do and she needs to be more mindful on issues of proficiency and growth. 

Also, the fact that Trump hates the media so much is disturbing. Every household has a screen of some kind or form. It is through the media that one can reach people en masse, which is what the leader of a country needs to do. If he really is a ‘people’s president’ and wants to give ‘America back to the people’, how can one rage war and show so much animosity towards the main line of communication with them?

The impression I get is that this man is a coward who lies and uses social media without much thought and then sends his lap dogs out to clean up his messes and since some stains are indelible, they simply make an even bigger mess (alternative facts, anyone?).

His behavior in public is highly inappropriate. Shouting at journalists, constantly interrupting, using racial slurs such as ‘bad hombres’ to describe Mexican men, coining terms like tremendousness and hugely and of course, nobody will ever forget his preference on where to ‘grab’ a woman from. And maybe, he got elected because the average joe can relate to Trump.

But to me, a president and a leader can not be an average joe. A leader is special. A leader is someone who is relatable but can uphold the highest standards of dignity as much as humanly possible. The operative word being ‘human’. When we make mistakes, we back track,apologise and move on. That is how one earns respect, by having the courage to admit when mistaken and learn. Not by claiming ‘alternative facts’ or by trying to justify bad behavior by pointing out mistakes made by the previous administration or by his opponent. 

Bottom line is, a leader is someone the people want to follow and would follow gladly. Someone who’s behavior is an example to all. Do you want to follow a person you can not trust to tell the truth, sees an entire portion of society as blow-up dolls and is willing to allow someone unqualified to be leaders in various fields because their family gave money to his party? Who humiliates people with disabilities and describes his daughter as someone he could date and discusses her physical attributes in public? Remember, if someone in power does it, it makes it ok and normalizes it.

In short, Trump is an average joe. A crude, rich average joe on the lower end of the average spectrum. Which is why he should not be a leader.

He just isn’t special.