I love all things Christmas (except Santa. Read my previous post. He’s terrifying.) I like Christmas food, Christmas jumpers, Christmas hats…I love the lights and the decorations and the cheeriness and the parties and giving gifts and the different nativity scenes and plays and panto…all of it!And of course, I absolutely love Christmas movies. Almost every year there will be one or two Christmas movies at the cinema or some made-for-tv, most of them are forgettable but a few stick in your mind forever.

So here you have my top 5 favourite Christmas movies:

5- How the Grinch stole Christmas (1966)

I love the original, animated Dr. Seuss story. I love the song ‘You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…’ He is honestly quite a despicable creature however, he manages to turn himself around and unlock his icy cold heart that was two sizes too small. And that restores my faith in humanity. Or in fuzzy, ugly green creatures. It’s all good.

4- National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

So it’s my dad who absolutely adores this movie and because of him we all adore it too. And I must admit, there are so many funny bits that are so memorable (SPOILER ALERT)…when the family forget the axe and uproot the humungous Christmas tree, when the cat gets electrocuted, when the Mr. Griswald blinds the neighbours with the house lights he uses for decoration and of course Mela Kaliki Maka…

3- Love Actually (2003)

I watched this for the first time on a whim with my mother. We were out Christmas shopping and she wanted to watch an afternoon movie so we decided upon Love Actually. I was about 19 at the time and it used to be a lot colder at Christmas time (thanks global warming) and I was always wearing some kind of hat. That day I was wearing a fluffy white beret, exactly the same as Martine McCutheon in the scene where they go to the airport. And I remember my mum looking at her and then looking at me and saying we look alike. I do not agree, but it’s a sweet memory. I do not recall any particularly funny bits, except when Rowan Atkinson is trying to wrap Alan Rickman’s (RIP) clandestine present. But all in all, it’s really touching and taps in on reality and manages to remain light hearted at the same time.

2- A Christmas Story (1983)

I watched this for the first time right before we left Canada in 1991. I love it. I believe that kids can relate to this story as well as adults. I loved it then and I love it now. And I can’t help but observe how when I was a child I kind of blocked out all the ‘adult’ bits…like when Ralphie’s mum covers up the fact that her son basically beat the crap out of another kid (he thoroughly deserved it). When I watched the movie as an adult I thought ‘this mum is really quite smart and sensible’ but when I was a kid, I honestly did not care, it did not even register. But as a kid, I thoroughly understood the hatred of meatloaf, crappy Christmas presents, the banning of the word ‘fuck’, and wearing too many layers even though its cold. I think the most memorable bits would have to be the leg lamp (which you can actually buy on Amazon.com), the dad’s pronunciation of the word ‘fragile’, the bunny suit, the possibility of getting one’s tongue stuck on a frozen pole and of course the catch phrase ‘you’ll shoot your eye out’. I did not even know what was a BB gun until I watched that movie.

1- A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)

This is my all time favourite. I love it. The Christmas carols, the entire Jim Henson puppet cast of all the shows…they even remembered the fraggles! It is all just so sweet and it really makes me nostalgic. I remember watching this in our living room around Christmas time in Canada, when the snow was almost up to the windows and we had Christmas holidays and every day was family day and I did not have a care or a worry in the world.

It is full of great one-liners and puns and I think it really grasps what I believe Christmas to be: chaotic, noisy, surrounded by those you love and making memories. And there is absolutely nothing funnier than when the Swedish chef first sets eyes on Big Bird and thinks that he is an over-sized and delicious turkey and he sums all this up by pointing at him and saying ‘Gobbly-gobbly-humungo!’


Heh heh. I’m certainly getting older. Enjoy everyone.