Strength is acknowledging that you have been knocked down and feeling the pain of that fall but not let it be the thing that defines you.

Strength is when you cry and cry and cry, wondering if the tears will ever stop and then they do.

Strength is recognising what you have to do to make yourself feel better.

Strength is looking an unpleasant situation in the eye and just getting on with it.

Strength is when something truly awful has happened to you, but you still have the ability to show others love and compassion.

Strength is being able to laugh again.

Strength is picking up the pieces, even of the puzzle doesn’t make sense.

Strength is learning from a situation.

Strength is when something bad happens to you and you use that experience to better yourself.

Strength is getting bad news, spend the night drinking and indulging and make a mental note that it’s only for a night.

Strength is being able to help others.

Strength is remembering the many great things about life. 

But most of all:

Strength is looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that you will not let anything defeat you. And then blow yourself a kiss.