There are many reasons why you can feel sad. You could lose a lover, fall out with a close friend, miss a family member, realise a dream may never come true for you but watch as others take it for granted, be bullied, suffer a bad turn of events or just have a case of life sucking royally at that moment.

I am someone who tries to shove sadness out of the way and continue to function. I have done this for years. However, now I am starting to realise that maybe it is ok to feel sad and perhaps it’s better to just feel whatever you feel and get it out of your system and then proceed to function normally.

It does not mean you have to scream and cry. It could mean just sitting quietly for a while with your thoughts, or writing a song or a poem or painting a picture…anything to just acknowledge it. If you want to scream and cry I suppose that’s ok too, but probably not at work or any other public place.

So here’s my top ten of sad songs:

10. Father and Son- Cat Stevens (1970)

I can only just imagine the heartache of a parent watching their kids make the same mistakes they made and they have the wisdom to try prevent the bad stuff from happening to them but the kids just won’t have it. And the sadness on the son’s behalf of having a parent who can’t seem to understand that he needs to find his own way and make mistakes and learn.

9. Ordinary World- Duran Duran (1992)

Well, it’s the classic tale of love lost. But this song can apply to any kind of loss really. That no matter what, we live in this ordinary world and somehow we have to survive. Crying for yesterday will not really change tomorrow. I love how the lyric ‘I will learn to survive’ is so prominent…it implies that it does not really and truly come naturally to anyone. Sometimes it’s bad experiences which teach us just how to survive.

8. Panic Cord- Gabrielle Aplin (2013)

This one is about one-sided love. Now, what is quite interesting about this one is how all the loving is coming from the guy. She says ‘this meant more to you than it did to me’ and ‘you were happy, I was bored.’ The song is sad because it is dripping with regret and I think we’ve all been there, wondering if we had handled a situation better, maybe the end result would have been more favorable.

7. Flesh without Blood- Grimes (2015)

The title says it all. It’s about someone behaving like an asshole. No more explaining. A first class asshole. Whether it’s a lover, family member or some guy stuck in traffic, assholes are upsetting in any scenario.

6. It takes a Fool to Remain Sane- The Ark (2000)

Basically about how very often life is a bit shit. But that’s ok. Because at the end of the day, it’s up to us to find our own happiness and we can only do that by being true to ourselves, which in this day and age could be a tall order. It takes a fool to remain sane, but sometimes being a fool is not such a bad thing.

5. Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine (2011)

Isn’t it strange how sometimes very sad things can also be very beautiful? Due to its reproduction on Glee in an episode dealing with domestic violence, it is now associated with that issue, kind of like Luca by Suzanne Vega. But whereas Vega’s song is very obviously about that issue, I believe the FATM’s song can be about any bad time really. And at the end of the day, all we can do is shake it out, chalk it up to experience and hope for a better day. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

4. Here’s where the Story Ends- The Sundays (1990)

When I was younger I was really badly bullied, mostly emotionally, twice physically. I used to get through it by saying to myself ‘the good thing about bad times is that they pass.’ Unfortunately, it can sometimes also be said about good times too. And we pretend not to be sorry about it, but a small part of our heart always is a little bit. Sometimes you just have to accept where the story ends. A new story is always on the horizon.

3. It must have been Love- Roxette (1992)

Yes, it’s cheesy. But there is something so genuine about this song. It is not artistic, there is no deep hidden meaning. It is so in your face that the sadness commands your attention. It has dramatic synthesizers. It is all about the ‘not knowing what you’ve got til it’s gone’ as she did not realise it was love until it was over. And now it’s too late.

2. Is it Wicked not to Care?- Belle and Sebastian (1998)

Sometimes we are so caught up in frivolties that we get our judgement clouded. We try to keep up appearances and sometimes forget the beauty of that that is staring us right in the face. In another life, if there was a sequel, would you love me like an equal? Or is there someone else instead?

1. Anyone who Knows what Love is- Irma Thomas

One of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Just because someone does not love you, it does not mean that you can just turn off your feelings for them. And everyone you know will tell you to get rid of him or her, but your heart still longs for that person. And unrequited love is the saddest love of all. And ofcourse, anyone who knows what love is will understand.

Good night everyone.