I pride myself with the immunity of a rhinoceros. I rarely ever get sick. I am as healthy as they come. 

However, last Friday I was in charge of the medical side of our ward which is mostly compiled of coughing and sneezing elderly people. Usually I am completely unfazed by this, but since it had been a while since I dealt with medical, the inevitable happened:

I caught something.

My throat and ears hurt. My sinuses are burning. I am coughing and I can not sleep at night. I’m popping panadol cold and flu like candy and taking cefuroxime, a broad spectrum antibiotic. I am running a high temperature. To sum it all up:

I feel a bit shit.

Which is why I am up blogging at four in the morning. I am so uncomfortable that sleep just won’t come.

Since being unwell is such an alien circumstance, I have noticed a certain pattern of behaviour in myself and others through Facebook, because I have noticed through people’s statuses that whatever bug I caught, the whole ward seems to have caught as well and I have a great many colleagues on sick leave. Fabby fun.

So…what do people do while on sick leave?

1) they sleep. A lot. In my case it’s due to the panadol cold and flu. And ofcourse the feverish mess that drains me of energy.

2) you chat with your colleagues who are also sick and compare notes to see if you caught the same bug. It will go something like this:

Colleague: I see you are sick. Fever?

Me: yes. Catarrh?

Colleague: yep. Are you on klacid 500mg?

Me: mmmm, no…zinnat BD…

Colleague: got diarrhea yet?

Me: no…any thrush on your side?

Colleague: only oral for now…

You get the picture.

3) due to smart phones and tablets and lack of appetite, you literally never need to leave your bed. Until the diarrhoea sets in due to antibiotics. Or the unfortunate scenario of having the flu and your period at the same time. 

4) you become an expert at Criminal Case. Play it until your eyes are burning and you can’t tell if it’s from being on your tablet too much or if it’s the fever. Then fall asleep. When you wake up, your energy bar is replenished and you can start the cycle all over again. 

5) binge watch your favourite reality show. I love the amazing race. I imagine if I were a contestant…I imagine if I had different partners and if we would win. When they go to a country I’ve been to, I cringe at their mistakes. I fall asleep in the middle of the episodes and then need to re-watch them and fall asleep again. 

6) you gain new respect for your pets, because even though you are snotty and disgusting, they never leave your side…

I’m trying to make light but I honestly feel really, really rotten. And whenever I get sick, I get this panicky feeling that I will never feel better. Which I know is ridiculous. Also, as a nurse I find it hard to accept that I too am susceptible to illness.

Anyway, here’s to a speedy recovery!