Sometimes I am honestly sick and tired of being a woman. One would think that in this day and age the battle of the sexes would be more or less over with and perhaps from a public stand-point it is. I mean, we have the vote. We are allowed to go to school and college. We can become the best in our field.
But this is deeper. Because our psyche is all about giving when physically we are built to receive. Women are a walking, living, breathing paradox. We feel more. We are more observant. We are more emotionally intelligent. 
However, these are not blessings. No matter what we want to believe, it is a man’s world and women are at a constant disadvantage. Life is a constant uphill struggle. 
For example, if I am irritated and voice my irritation because someone is acting stupid, I will often get the retort ‘are you on your period?’ Apart from this question being invasive and ridiculous it also makes me feel like I do not have a right to be angry. When a man is angry, nobody questions it. A man is allowed to be angry. But it is demanded of a woman to constantly hold a pleasant demeanor. 
I feel like I have to just deal all the time. That I have to just accept that in society’s eyes, although I am human, I’m missing a few outward appendages which therefore makes me a very different kind of human with a totally different set of rules and social norms.
I feel vulnerable all the time. When I am out late I always ask a male friend to escort me to my car. If I can’t guarantee a buddy or a parking spot close to my venue of choice, I simply don’t go. The very fact that I am a woman means that no matter what, my safety is compromised.
Nursing is a female dominated profession. That being said, when ever I go to a charge nurses’ meeting, I see mostly male faces. I do not have a statistic, but I get the feeling that most charge nurses are male. When I was still a student, I remember a male charge nurse saying with no qualms whatsoever ‘I hate getting new female graduates…you train them then they get pregnant! What a waste of time.’ 
Women also come with a sell-by date, if you please. If you are single after 38, your chances of finding a mate are somewhat decreased as you have to wipe out the demographic who want kids. Of course, men remain fully functioning until they are at least 50.
And I am so tired. Tired of constantly fighting for what is rightfully mine. Tired of this fight being totally underestimated. Tired of having to fit a certain mold. Something I could never quite understand is how men can possibly underestimate us when they have so much evidence that women are a sex of extreme strength: childbirth alone being article number one. 
In my lifetime I have only met a handful of men who are in awe of women. These men are intelligent and go on to have good and prosperous relationships with the opposite sex because they have enough insight to realise that women possess qualities that a man could only dream of having. And they respect that and more importantly, appreciate that. 
I am woman. Hear me roar. However, lately my roar has turned into a feeble ‘meow.’ I feel really disheartened. In my heart of hearts, I’m glad I’m a woman. Just sometimes I wish life were just a little bit easier.