When I was 16, circa 1999, the Mecca for teenagers and young folks on a Saturday night was Paceville. It used to be a pretty big deal. And Paceville back then was kind of fun and diverse.

1) you basically prepared all day. You either would shell out for a blow-dry or wash your hair in the morning, wait for it to dry and then attack it with your Babyliss. Or if you were a curly girl, you used styling glaze by Zotos.

2) transport- if you all lived in the same locality, some poor parent would be waiting for you and your friends near the st. Julian’s police station at midnight. If you had lenient parents, you were allowed to take the midnight bus or the 1.30am bus home in winter or one of the hourly night buses in summer.

3) you either wore spice girl platform shoes, kitten mules or knee high boots. No tights.

4) you would go to axis at 19.55, because before 8pm it was half price. But then they would not allow you out until 9pm so the place filled up. Oh, and that laser show. Hmmm…

5) if you liked rock, you go to rock cafe or coconut or remedy. If you thought you were cool and indie you went to misfits. If you felt like dancing to commercial tunes you went to Huggins or axis or places. If you wanted to get felt up, you went to bamboo.

6) if you wanted to make out in private, you’d go to ‘the beach’. If you would want your mobiles and handbag/wallet stolen while making out, you would also go to the beach. Portomaso was safer but less private.

7) cheap alcohol from Fredu. 1 Maltese pound for a bottle of wine spritzer. Drink the whole bottle. Or buy Trosky vodka and mix it with something. Or light up an absinthe from coconut. Or drink some cherry wine from misfits. It’s all good.

8) in summer we would go to the beach all day, get home, shower and change and go to Paceville until 3am. Sleep until noon and repeat. 

9) when Fredu closed down, we would buy alcohol from a corner shop and drink it in a dingy park. We would sometimes spend the whole night there.

10) when you got hungry, there was this tiny place where we used to buy chips. Or else we would go to champs and get greasy pizza. 

Paceville has changed a lot now, full of strip joints and a mall where the legendary ‘Axis’ once was. I stopped going there when I turned 20 and I can honestly say I don’t really know what it’s like anymore. 

Nowadays I’m at my happiest when I’m in bed by 11pm. I guess it is all part of being an adult. Lately I went out with some friends to watch a band play. We watched the band, danced a bit and then collectively decided we were done for the night and wanted a cup of tea. And I think that truly says it all.