Today I got reprimanded by an angry surgeon over a trivial matter that ultimately was the fault of another doctor. 

I watched the skinniest girl in the ward eat the biggest calorific lunch imaginable while I nibbled on a salad.

My colleagues get the normal patients. I always get the pervs.

Most people’s cats poop in moderation. My cat poops like its a rectal apocalypse.

Nurses make seriously bad money considering how much responsibility they carry. And Kim Kardashian is rich.

Most people get acne in their teens and it pretty much clears in their twenties. My acne reared its ugly head when I was 11. It has become a permanent lodger for the past 22 years.

I trained for a 10k marathon for 3 months. My friend approaches the starting line without any training and I know for a fact that she eats greasy tuna sandwiches and chips every day. Did I mention she smokes? Did I mention she beat me? By a lot?


You know what is seriously evident in all these true facts?

But you know what? Life is not fair. And if you expect it to be fair you will be sorely disappointed. 

And yes, these problems I mention are pretty minimal but I feel they illustrate my point well. If we all get caught up in what is fair and what isn’t, we will all just end up angry and bitter.

The world will keep on spinning whether it is a just one or not. So how about thinking about all the ways when things were scored in our favour and try to move forward the best we can?

Good night, y’all.