I wrote this during my break: 

We clean your shit

We clear your stuff

You don’t say thanks,

Your manner is rough. 

We feed you,

We care for your rotten dentures,

We bathe you,

We chase you during midnight adventures.

We listen to your moronic questions,

As you grab your phone and google our answers,

Because, of course, you know it all,

Be it boils, pimples, viruses or cancers.

The phone and it’s constant ringing,

Doctors screaming at the other end,

It’s chaos and bedlam and madness.

Driving us around the bend.

We hear your cries

We try to understand 

When medicine won’t help anymore,

We’re there to hold your hand.

After a major operation, 

We take your first steps with you,

We encourage and cheer you on,

Keeping your catheter in situ.

We are on your side,

We are patient and we explain,

Because we honestly love you and we love our job,

Although we might complain.

So appreciate us nurses,

We’re not only here to take your crap,

Because if you get out of a 12hr shift unfazed, 

You should run a victory lap!