I’m home and I’m exhausted so I’ll just jump right in:

1) you have a throbbing headache/back-ache/leg cramp.

2) you keep hearing your boss’ voice in your head while in the car. You can’t actually decipher words, but the intonation is there. Kind of like the teacher in Charlie Brown.


3) when you get home and parked, you kind of just sit there and vegetate a little while listening to some inane pop song on the radio with the engine running.


4) you suddenly find yourself in the shower. You have no recollection of actually taking your clothes off, regulating the water and stepping in. Once again, you are standing there, your head miles away, the water running.

5) at the same time within that shower cubicle, in your exhausted stupor, you also realise that it feels pretty amazing and soothing and you almost begin to feel like a person again.


6) when asked ‘how was your day?’ you say ‘oh fine’ because giving an account could very well reduce you to tears.

7) you want a hug, but the very thought of being around people repulses you.