It has always been my dream to run a marathon. That sense of physical achievement, the discipline and determination and the commitment.

I have always thought that this was something I could not do. Especially two years ago, when I was seriously unfit and dessert was always a welcome companion. 

I managed to turn my life around before it got too late and I started to eat better and I was doing circuit training with a personal trainer. 

I lost weight and I was much fitter. I reached a great comfort zone and stuck there.

And that was the problem…a comfort zone. A comfort zone usually signifies no desire to up the ante, no wish to push the envelope. A comfort zone is the official death of ambition.

And I started thinking, what about that marathon dream? 

Nah. Leave it. It’s a lot of work. And you need to train consistently and I’m not a very consistent person….

And then I had another thought…

Why put such limits on myself? Who says I can’t become a more consistent person? And when have I ever been afraid of something that’s difficult?

And I remembered my motto: if it comes easily, it isn’t worth having.

I have found a lot of motivation from this book:

Ok, the title seems a little negative, but the author talks about finding your inner bitch to motivate you. And it’s true, because it is often the case that when you have a goal, people will try to deter you rather than be positive and support you. And you will need to listen to your inner bitch and say no and point out that you are doing a good thing and that they are not. And it’s not easy when these people are your friends/family/colleagues. 

The marathon I’m aiming for is the half marathon on the 28th of February. I have time to train up for it, mentally and physically.

And time to muster up the courage. 

I just want to cross that finish line.