In the ward where I work, there are very few Maltese people. Sometimes patients or relatives speak very sketchy English, so they ask for a Maltese nurse and I immediately switch language and say ‘iva, ghidli kif nista nghinek…’ (Yes, how may I help you) without giving it a second thought. Really and truly I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada but I have Maltese parents and I have been here since 1992, so I consider myself Maltese.

However when I meet other Canadians, my maple leaf coloured spark gets ignited and I remember that I was actually born and lived elsewhere.


How to tell if someone is Canadian:

1) you won’t catch them in a wooly polo-neck in late November in Malta. Malta is chilly. In January. That is it. It is not cold. Yeah, yeah it’s humid so the winter is a little bone chilling, but no matter what, you never run the risk of your snot freezing in your nostrils.

2) to them this is a loon: 


Not this:

3) the following makes sense to them (if they were born in the 80s)

-how do you do? Pokeroo!

– Gloria the gopher can be found under the umbrella tree

– Sharon, lois and Bram

– ‘Shut-up Mr.dress-up’ was the funniest/most shocking thing as a kid

– wanting to play Fred Penner’s banjo

4) Degrassi junior high was the best show ever! And Ready or Not! Beverly Hills 90210? Melrose Place? My ass!

5) maple syrup on our pancakes please. Not crepes. Thick, delicious pancakes. No honey or powdered sugar. Maple syrup.

6) we fought with our moms on Halloween for making us wear a snow suit while trick or treating and then secretly thanked God she did.

7) it’s not a beanie. It’s a toque. 

8) we all NEEDED a Crazy carpet come winter.

9) eh? So-ry…what’s that a-boat? 

10) beaver tails…om nom nom!  And these:

They had these tiny balls of chocolate or plain dough rolled in sugar…I loved those.

11) they own a hockey stick. Just in case.

12) they were given ten dollars for salting and shovelling the neighbour’s walk.

13) orange pop. Not soda. Not fanta. Orange pop was the shit.

14) the Scottish and us = best buds. Nova Scotia anyone?

15) no jar of peanut butter in the cupboard? And you call this a home???

I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic so I decided to make some peanut butter cookies. My mum used to make them all the time.

Would you believe they taste exactly like the ones she used to make?

It’s been 23 years and sometimes I forget that part of me and then I get these little triggers and it all comes flooding back….

Or should I say snowing back? Eh? 

Ho ho ho!