Since it’s Father’s Day and I’m at work I have decided to write a quick post in my break for my lovely daddy.

I am a little pressed for time is it will have to be a list.

Lovely things about my daddy:

1. He is so funny: daddy always makes me laugh. We have the same sense of humour. Even though he is very serious, sometimes he lets his guard down and acts a bit silly. Like when we took him to an Asian restaurant and he put the chopsticks in his ear and spent a good half hour like that. 

2. He is so creative: he used to invent stories for us kids with characters and plot lines and everything and they were hilarious! He invented a story about a boy who suffered from gas and in order to mask the sound he had a ‘bum whistle’ so instead of a nasty fart sound, you would hear a tune. 

3. He is the best cook ever: dear God, can daddy cook! His food is the best!

4. He can appreciate his kids’ quirks: when I was about eight, I woke up one morning and I found this HUGE moth crawling on my toe and I was fascinated and I was watching it intently and dad passed by my room and I called him in. I said ‘dad, dad, look!’ And he came in and watched it too, rather than flicking it away or killing it.

5. He is a family man: my dad is happiest when he is with his wife and kids. One time he had a school trip abroad with a few of the older grades, and when he came back, he said ‘I like those kids but I want my own.’

Dad, you are the best. I wish I could spend the day with you, but I am here at work. But you and your booming voice are definitely in my head and my heart.