A few weeks back I wrote a post regarding the hunting referendum that took place on our little island, whether spring hunting should be permitted or not.

Well, the results are in and it looks like our feathered friends will not be able to fly over our country in peace.

How do I feel? In a word, shocked.

1) I had no idea there were so many hunters. Seriously. I thought they were a small niche group and maybe their families. Since most of my friends are against spring hunting, my Facebook wall was constantly flooded with ‘Vote No’ propaganda which gave me a false sense of security. I only know two hunters. I should have known better.

2) My country is full of people who like to shoot birds and stuff them for their mantelpieces rather than watch them fly in the air. I need to come to terms with this reality. 

3) I feel really embarrassed. Where I come from is going to be known throughout Europe as a violent place where animals are killed for fun. And I can’t even argue otherwise because now it’s in black and white. Because it’s true.

4) how I wish I could put up a road sign for birds saying ‘don’t fly here. For the love of God, TAKE A DETOUR!’

5) I am a woman of science. I’m sure sooner or later natural selection will take place and birds simply won’t fly over malta anymore, right? Right?

So this is it. Most countries are trying to move towards ecological conservation and we are actively moving away from it. 

You win some you lose some. 

But today we didn’t just lose some. We lost big time. In many ways which we may not feel now, but in the future. But in a world of instant gratification, nobody seems to care.

It is a very bitter pill to swallow.