I’m a Mosta girl through and through, I seriously love the place. For my non-Maltese readers, Mosta is my home town and when I got married I moved to Naxxar, which is close but not quite the same.

So, how can you tell a Mosti/Mostija when you see one?

1) her name is Maria. Or Mary. Or Mario. 

2) they drive a Subaru. Either an impreza or a J10.

3) they think Mellow’s is gourmet.

4) yet nothing beats a Xufi ftira.

5) they attend Sunday mass at the Mosta dome  at 11am, even though it echoes and you can’t hear a thing.

6) most of their childhood clothing came from Underage in constitution street.

7) and their pyjamas come from Lunavel.

8)  they loved bus 47 because it was always empty. Sporadic, but empty. (Old bus service.)

9) in summer, bus 49 was a nightmare.

10) they know the menu at Cauchi’s by heart.

11) they had a haircut at Manuel’s hair salon. Both of them.

12) roll-in pizzeria= treat of treats.

13) they rented videos from Black Toe in the 90s.

14) they have bumped into the moustached, shirt-less guy who is always around.

15) their accessories come from bemania.

16) in need of an appliance? They’ll find it at Toyland.

17) this makes sense to them: stop n save -> Ta’ natu -> more -> your

18) they’ve attended aerobics at horse shoe hall.

19) the smell of Kentish fried chicken is recogniseable to them.

20) you went to the oratorju or else centru Ta Sant andrija for doctrine.


Until next time everyone xxx