In life, especially at work, I try to go about as an apolitical being. Politics is a touchy subject and one which subjects a person to judgement, which is something I avoid like the plague. There is enough drama at work and the hospital has politics of its own, the last thing I need to do is pepper in some more politics into the mix.

What does hunting have to do with politics, you might ask. Well, in a few months time we are going to be voting about whether spring hunting should be abolished or not and with all political bodies sharing their opinions the choice has actually become a confusing one, testing the loyalty of the people to the respective party they support.

However this is not about parties. Heck, it is not even really and truly about people. It’s about whether a bird is to be shot down dead at a certain time of the year or not. Maybe I am simplifying things, because I know an exception was made in EU law for my country regarding spring hunting. But when you really dig deep, and focus on who really and truly are being affected by hunting are…well…the birds.

And of course, the hunters. They will definitely be affected because their hobby will go down the toilet. I would be pissed too if someone came and took away my hobby. Of course my hobby involves a kenwood and self raising flour, not camouflage, bullets and knives.

What I absolutely can not understand is how is killing things a hobby? How is it fun? Many will argue that it’s man’s killer instinct, the struggle for survival dating back to cavemen days. Well has Darwin taught us nothing? We have evolved. Thank God, none of this is necessary anymore.

What I also do not understand is the double standard…a while back there was a guy in town killing neighbourhood cats and people wanted his blood and called him sick. Nobody held a referendum about whether killing cats is ok. Guess it sucks to be a bird. Maybe if the cat guy was wearing camouflage and did it with a gun it would have been acceptable.

At the end of the day, what I’m deducing here is that mainly the whole hunting scenario is a bit of a boys club, with a large part of it being the social aspect of it. You meet your buddies, shoot some animals, compare who killed the most or the biggest, go home and feel proud and accomplished. In fact, the social part of it is the only thing I actually understand about hunting in Malta. I wonder, are there any woman hunters out there?

I have many colleagues and friends who enjoy hunting and I wish them to know that in no way am I judging you. I understand that it is your pass-time and it is what you enjoy doing (well, the enjoyment part I do not really understand, but that point has already been discussed). I would be annoyed too if someone told me I can not partake in my pass-time anymore. But as I stated, my hobby is making cakes and sweets, I am not hurting anyone. Oh, I am giving people cholesterol and diabetes, you say? Well, here is the big difference: people have a choice whether they are to be affected by my hobby. The birds do not have a choice with yours.

You know what would be a deal breaker? If the animals could vote this April.

Over and out, people.