It’s time to put on make-up…it’s time to dress up right…it’s time to get things started on the muppet show tonight!

Dear god I loved that show as a kid. But I especially love it as an adult. I watch loads of TV series and I can appreciate most for what they are worth, but none quite reflect the reality of life and depict interpersonal relationships quite as much as the muppet show does.

As a small time actress, I am very familiar with the scenario that outlines the show: Kermit is basically the theatre’s variety show director, who has his creative ideas constantly challenged by his performers. As if this is not enough, he constantly being bullied by his girlfriend and threatened by Scooter, who does not have any talent to speak of yet he is the nephew of the owner of the theatre.

Every show has a guest of honour from Doris Day, Harry Belafonte to Elton John and John Cleese. And Kermit strives to get the show to run smoothly.

How the muppet show mirrors reality:

Nepotism: as I mentioned, Scooter is not creative in the least, yet because his uncle owns the theatre he feels like he can give his two cents constantly.

Later on, he proves he can actually play the guitar somewhat, so he is not totally useless.

The big bossy girlfriend: Miss Piggy is the diva of divas, in love with Kermit, constantly bossing him around. Kermit is horribly hen pecked and she has even gotten violent with him on numerous occasions, using her brawn against his spindly froggy shape. And even though Miss Piggy is a right bitch, the show just would not be the same without her, which sometimes happens in the theatre world: even though someone is a right tool, they are kept on because they lend something inimitable to the performance.

Piggy and Kermit got married in the late eighties, if I remember correctly and even though their relationship is not ideal and rather tumultuous, they still love each other and need each other. And like most bullies, miss Piggy is very insecure and wants everyone to love her.

Beaker and Bunsen: this is a relationship where one character is taking advantage of the other’s disability. Bunsen who is articulate and intelligent often forces Beaker into unfavourable situations due to the fact that he can’t actually speak and therefore can’t defend himself. There is an amicable vibe between these two, in spite of the obvious abuse creating a kind of symbiosis.

Something else you have got to love about these kinds of kids’ shows that are also enjoyed by adults is the innuendo. Sharpened bananas indeed.

The side bits: in almost every show, there is a bit where the get couples ballroom dancing and they share some of the most brilliant banter I have ever heard. And this also depicts reality because when we find ourselves forced into boring situations, our brains become so numb that cracking inane jokes is the best form of entertainment.

The audience: Statler and Waldorf, the original grumpy old men. The best hecklers that ever lived. They act like they hate the show, but for some reason keep coming back, which is something that the elderly actually do. They might not enjoy something but they still do it and it provides a routine and comfort. Not to mention, I honestly believe the elderly like to have something to complain about, since they have been through it all and have so much life experience. It’s as if they have earned the right to say things are bad, because in the past they have probably experienced better.

And of course, because this is a food blog:

The Swedish Chef. Incomprehensible with a thick accent, violent and sometimes inhumane. The inspiration to Ramsay perhaps?

And of course more innuendo.

Since the Swedish Chef has to handle food, he is the only muppet to require hands and moveable digits, which is why he has human hands. Otherwise his sketches would be impossible.

Life has become so hectic, with deadlines and standards and competition. Lately I have been feeling so nostalgic- I remember a time when nothing seemed to matter. But nowadays sometimes the air feels so thick and heavy. So many cares and responsibilities.
There was a time in my life when watching the muppet show was the only thing on my agenda. Back then the jokes used to go over my head, but it was still loads of fun and quite ground-breaking when you think about it. And the sketches are so timeless. My cousin was showing her kids YouTube videos of the muppet show and they were so amused!

It’s so brilliant…there are so many more cool characters like Fozzie bear and Gonzo and all the cool feature films, my absolute favourite being the Muppets Take Manhattan. They even kept up with the times with miss Piggy sporting a perm in the eighties.

It’s time to get things started on the most sensational
Inspirational, celebrational, muppetational
This is what we call the Muppet Show!

Well, it’s kind of time for me to get things started because so far I have spent my day off in bed watching Muppet videos.

Which I must admit is kind of an education.
Until next time, folks.