Am I satisfied with my life? Pretty much, yes. I have no complaints.

However, I know I can do more. I know I can be more. Not functioning to one’s full potential is a big pity and I don’t want to live with shoulda-woulda-coulda. I really want to be the best I can be.

Step 1: up the ante in my health and fitness regime. I am killing myself at the gym and only nutritious food is passing my lips with no exceptions. I want to lose 6 kilos by my birthday. I am sure I can do it. Since I have already lost a decent amount of weight, it gets harder now. But I’m really determined.

Step 2: get organised. And I mean with everything. My wardrobe, my job, housework. I make a to-do list and prioritise. It’s very satisfying to cross off the tasks and see your scribbled off list.

Step 3: keep positive and motivated. Laziness is not an option. Failure is not an option. I can do anything and I can be anything. And I am many things: a wife, a nurse-in-charge, a stand-up comedienne, an actress, a writer and I must do all these things in the best way possible.

On paper, I am a successful person. To the outside world I seem to have it all. But it means nothing if I don’t feel that I am doing my best.

And I made a lovely and nutritious dinner last night which required thought and time, and like most things requiring thought and time it turned out great: salmon parcels with apple, ricotta and rucola.


However, the key ingredient to being a successful person and obtaining that feeling that self-belief is


A large cup of courage.
Until next time, people.