I had to write a post about my mother because she is special and wonderful. She is quite well-known as she taught most of my friends at the school I attended (there should be a law against that) and most agree that there is nobody quite like my mother.

Some wonderful points about my mum:

1) she is incredibly accident prone: my mum has been through so many injuries and most of them are totally bizarre. She once got a twig in her eye, once one of us kids put a farleys rusk in her eye, she once managed to get a noodle under her finger nail, she deep-fried her index finger, fell down the stairs of the basement, fell in the snow in Canada, fell to her knees during a procession in Spain, and recently she missed a step in a coffee shop and ended up in crutches! There were also the countless times she fell off the platform at school.

2) she is hilarious. She comes up with things that nobody else thinks of. Recently we were on a Ryan air flight and she noticed that there weren’t any sick bags. And she turned to me and said earnestly ‘there aren’t any things to vomit in. Suppose I shall want to vomit?’

Or this classic when she had an argument with someone who treated her rudely:

Mum: when I see that person, I will give her the cold look!
Me: shoulder. You mean shoulder.
Mum: that too.

3) mum can’t sing. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t anyway. It’s not that she is out of tune, because she will be fully in tune. It’s the actual voice itself. Once she sang along loudly with a busker while in Leeds, the song being amazing grace. It was awful. Babies were crying.

4) mum plays the accordion rather well.

5) she is the best teacher on earth. No shit. She could teach a wingless chicken how to fly. I am fluent in French because of her. I can play some piano because of her. I learnt how to study effectively because of her. She also taught religion and I swear she could make the most doubtful of Thomas’s see the light in a logical and unpreachy way. She taught me the importance of studying a profession while keeping my talents alive.

And most importantly:


And I’m not just saying that. She worked, she studied and she never neglected us. She did not Molly coddle us either and she accepted who her three very different children were, no matter what. When my brother was adamant about drawing on the wall, instead of shouting, she found a bit where the wallpaper was peeling off, called it the ‘sticky wall’ and let him deface it as he pleased. She chose her battles and knew how to reason with her children, standing ground on what was important and discarding what wasn’t. She taught us how to be independent and the greatest lesson of all which I will pass on to my kids; that your things may get stolen, your house might burn down you can lose everything- but what you know and what’s in your head is yours forever and nobody can ever take that away from you. Knowledge is power so gain as much of it as you can.


Mum, you are seriously the best. When people tell me ‘oh my God, you are just like your mum!’ first I cringe.
Then I secretly hope it’s true.