Usually at this time of year I write about how everyone should be careful during the holiday season and not get too hedonistic with the celebrations and so on and so forth.

But this year I am changing my tune. My biggest problem in life is this overwhelming feeling that I am responsible for everyone under the sun. If you have a sunburn, I have lotion in my bag. You cut yourself? I have butterfly stitches in my coat pocket. You speak of your hangover on Facebook? I show up with diarolyte. Tweet about your cold? I can help you feel better.

And who the hell takes care of me? So this year, you can all stuff it. You all want to get inebriated and drive home or vomit your brains out or maim yourselves by bashing your head against the toilet seat while you spew chunks? Go on right ahead. I couldn’t care less. It’s your stomach lining not mine. It’s your cranium, not mine.

I give and give and give. I am running on empty. If I don’t take care of myself, who will? And from what I see at hospital, my advice often falls on deaf ears anyway when I’m not being googled for verification. So that’s it. The lot of you can get fucked. See if I care.

My adorableness is a thing of the past. My true calling is to be rough and rude. Yeah, I said it. Rough AND rude.

My mother always told me that my greatest virtue is my ability to feel for others. She also says its my biggest curse. I was never so aware of this fact until now.

So that’s my little angry rant. Now that its out of my system I can get real.

1) I will always care and want the best for others.
2) I will proceed with point number 1 because I do it so damn well, it is my calling in life, it is precisely what I was born to do. If you spew chunks, I will be the one holding your head over the toilet and rubbing your back because it will be sore from all the crouched up heaving. I simply don’t know how not to care.
3) all this is true, but it is also true that I need to look after myself and what’s important to me. My job isn’t everything. I make my job my world, but I am not my job’s world, ie: the hospital does run without me and I am essentially replaceable. I can’t let my health take a dip because of work. At the end of the day, god forbid, if I were to get seriously ill and run out of sick leave, nobody is going to say ‘lets pay her anyway as she is a great nurse and is so dedicated.’

So this Christmas, there will be no preachy post. Everyone, just exercise some balance. And take stock of what is really important in life. I think that’s sound advice. If you like you can google it.

Yuletide greetings all.