Sometimes it is truly necessary to get away from it all. I love Malta, but lets be honest, the fact that EVERYONE knows you is sometimes a little oppressive.

Slight digression: when I was still living at home in Mosta, about a month before my wedding, I helped a young school girl who I had never met in my life cross the road.

Girl: you are the lady who lives in Il-Gardina flat one, right?
Me: yes, that’s me.
Girl: your future husband is from Lija right?
Me: Yes….
Girl: and you are a nurse and your wedding is on November 18th! Congratulations! Bye!

And she scurried off, leaving me feeling creeped out and a little naked.

So yeah, anonymity is an alien concept around here. Which is why I love travelling.

Yet this time, I was travelling once again with my 60 year old parents to Leeds. And we had a mission, to visit my cousin who just had a baby.


Some funny moments:

-mum realised that on Ryan air there are no ‘vomit things’ ie vomit bags. She said ‘suppose I want to vomit?’ I burst out laughing. Dad said very seriously ‘don’t worry, I came prepared!’ and he produced a vomit bag.

-dad found £5 headphones from an open market. He is EXTREMELY happy with them. He keeps putting them on, plugged into nothing, the connector just dangling there. And he refuses to remove the twist-tie to unwind them cuz ‘they are better that way.’

-me while walking in the road ‘mum suppose you need to vomit?’
‘No, I won’t need to vomit, I’m in the street, not on a plane.’
Dad: ‘don’t worry, I came prepared’ and once again, he produced a plastic bag. Daddy doesn’t disappoint.

-at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant –
Dad: look at that guy what a yahoo! He’s in a restaurant drinking beer from the bottle!!!
(Said very loudly of course.)

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Jamie’s restaurant, it was the first time I ate carbohydrates in a while and I was not disappointed by my pappardelle in sausage ragu. However, if you ask me what is the traditional dish of the UK, I would say curry. Because its everywhere.


I also visited my friend in Durham and I had a lovely time catching up. Something I notice about true friends: when you get together after a long time apart and it’s like you have never been away, you know you have a great friend there. Durham castle:


And I will leave you with a few choice shots of Leeds. All in all, it was a lovely holiday, but tomorrow it’s back to the grind and in a way, it’s welcome because how can you truly enjoy holiday unless you have been slaving away first? Until next time everyone 🙂