It’s amazing how sometimes good days can completely cancel out bad. I so upset yesterday about a number of things but then a number of great things happened:

1. I had a great driving lesson- whenever someone asks me how driving is going, I always say “BAD.” And then people laugh. And I say, “no, seriously, I’m not joking, it’s really awful. It almost makes me want to self-harm.” Then I get a weird look and they back away. But yesterday, things seemed to fall into place…the gears, the peddles, the other drivers weren’t trying to annihilate me. Woo hoo.

2. I lost another kilo from my last weigh-in- Woo hoo! I will reach my target even if it kills me. Well, maybe not kill me. Unless another driver tries to annihilate me on my way to the gym.

3. I got a thank-you at work- now THAT is an achievement. Today one guy was really complaining as the doctor took some time to discharge him and he was waiting around for a couple of hours. Now, I totally understand the patient’s frustrations, but the houseman will be super busy with more pressing issues, like myocardial infractions in the wards or fits and other emergencies. I explained this to my patient and he totally understood. He was even sympathetic towards the doctor’s plight. When the doctor came and discharged him, this patient made it a point to find me, take me by the hand and thank me and the team and he apologised for complaining! That’s my faith in humanity restored, more or less.

So instead of being a negative nelly, I will celebrate all that is good. Cheers!!