Isn’t strange just how when everything seems to be status quo and everything is settled and comfortable that a tsunami of change comes along and rocks your world? And it’s a chain reaction. Observe:

I have completely changed the way I look at food. I always go for the healthier option now, more vegetables, no refined or processed foods. I think my stomach has shrunk because I feel full so quickly now.

Along with a healthy diet comes exercise. I do a ton of it. Which simply leaves me wanting to do more and more. The endorphin rush is phenomenal. It’s the best stress reliever ever.

As a result, in a year I have managed to lose 15kg. My body image had completely changed. I’m no longer a heavy person, but quite a lean and athletic one. Talk about an altered body image. I still reach out for bigger clothes and ‘safer’ cuts. That being said, I have a few dresses that are shorter and tighter. I had to re-learn what I find acceptable. I find myself trying to rip my way out of my prudish box…I ask my husband if he finds a short dress I put on ‘obscene’. His answer is no and that I look ‘fantastic’. It’s all a bit weird.

Essentially, my self-esteem is better which makes me better at my new job as a nurse in charge. I am more convinced of my decisions and I stand by my actions. The biggest difference between my new and old post is that where I used to work, everything was dictated by doctors. Where I work now, the nurses pretty much make up all the rules and I am one of the principle rule makers. It’s a huge responsibility.

So, even though its all very stressful, I think I can safely say I have embraced change. And I know there are many more huge changes to come. But I know I can meet these things head on. Do or die, I guess.

And even though I hate these feel-good quotes/slogans that seem to be flying about everywhere on Facebook, there is one I believe:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

It’s as uncomfortable as a fever in August. But I know I’ll come through stronger at the end of the day.