I haven’t written in over a month, but that was no accident. All my newsworthy titbits need to be displayed together, that way they look more impressive…just kidding…I have been super busy with different projects which required my undivided attention in order to be carried out successfully.

1. I got promoted and will no longer be working at endoscopy. This is the most challenging milestone in my career that I have encountered so far. As soon as I graduated from university, I was allocated to endoscopy and I have been there for 6 years and although I am sad to say goodbye, the change is welcome. I entered endoscopy a naive child and exiting as a clued-up adult, which is precisely why I am ready to move on. I am now going to help in the running of the day care unit, a large and multi-faceted area of the hospital which is high stress and fast moving. Bring it on.

2. Since I started my journey to health until today I have lost 16kg. And I am very happy with the way I look. I have some way to go but I’m confident that I will get there. But the really amazing thing is how I feel…I feel invincible, like I can do anything.

3. I am now very conscious of the fact that I am an adult. I can no longer live in Lala Happy Pony Kitty Land where the prime minister is a cat named Marvin and his cabinet is made up of pink cotton candy. Focussed and functional is my new motto and its working for me.

4. I have gone back to driving lessons. I find it very tough and I’m very nervous on the road. It’s quite awful. But I’m determined to stick with it…I’m sure it will get easier.

5. My stand-up comedy routines are being very well received. I have a passion and a style of my own for this genre of comedy and I hope to get the chance to keep developing it.

It’s quite a lot of change when it’s quantified and I know more change is coming in the future. However, I will just concentrate on now.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, hence why it is called the present.


Laters all.