We all have a few dirty secrets…well, I don’t because I have the perverse habit of over-sharing. Yet there are a few things I like to keep schtum about.

1. Recipes: I have a choice few which are special to me. I don’t want to share…unless YOU are very special to me, in that case ok.

2. My body: I am a bit of a prude. I am not comfortable with showing my bits off. I also don’t want completely naked people in close proximity unless they are patients. Or my husband. I guess it’s all about context. Lately at the gym, a woman started to converse with me, stark naked. And she was really close to me. And she was holding a towel in her hand, so she could have covered up but chose not to. When I relate this story, people just think I’m a prude with body issues and they are not wrong. But yesterday, this same woman took things to a new level, when she decided to urinate with the door open and ask how my day was. I have taken patients to the toilet numerous times. Why was this different? Context, people.

3. My relationship: I will make fun. I will tell jokes. But the really personal nitty gritty remains between us. And the cat.

4. If I think something negative about you: I’m sorry, but you will never know. I won’t talk about it with other people, but I really do think if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. If I don’t like you, I will just avoid you. I don’t need to publicly bash you or humiliate you. Unless you want me to. However, that has only happened once in my 29 years of life. A teacher asked his class what they don’t like about him and when I answered, he banned me from his classroom for the rest of the semester.

However, a dirty secret we ALL have is music tastes that have developed over the years. Most of my friends are music lovers, some are music snobs. But I bet in even the most elite of music circles you might find an ABBA cd somewhere, or a little Britney or maybe, horror of horrors, the Bieb.

I know I have some stuff on my iPod which would probably make most of my friends keel over. I also have a ton of ‘respectable’ music too. I never used to let people rifle through my iPod/iPhone because I really didn’t have time for the judgement that will ensue.

But now I don’t care.

So, embarrassing songs on my devices:

1. The Wicked Soundtrack: I watched wicked in London with my brother and sister last year. The bro, a music elitist, HATED IT. He grimaced throughout. As if he were about to have a bowel movement in the theatre seat. I loved it. Hey, a story about an outcast eventually defying gravity…what’s not to love? My favourite song in the show is What is this Feeling? Which is basically about how much the two main characters hate each other. Good times, fun stuff.

2. Boyzone- I love the way you love me: Yes, cringeworthy. I hesitated before revealing this one. I had a tremendous crush on Stephen Gately when I was 13. Who happened to be gay. And now dead. However, the lyrics are so romantic and I’m not usually so soppy. But for some reason, this song makes me go gooey. And all those judging right now, I bet if that song comes on the radio, even the most grungy 90s teens won’t flip the dial in a hurry.

3. Gigi d’Agostino- L’amour Toujours: AWFUL. I should be hung,drawn and quartered for this one. However, it requires explanation. It was a very popular song in 1999/2000 and I was part of a voluntary work group and we used to party at Axis discotheque every Saturday. We were 16 and young and full of energy. We didn’t have a care in the world, we lived for Saturday night, for the beach, for each other. We didn’t see farther than our noses and our only stressors were what to wear and how to treat sunburn effectively. We were all super close. Mobiles were not yet very popular, in order to make plans we would chain phone call each other. There were many firsts: first kisses, first brush of the hand of the one you loved from afar, first mixed sleepovers/camping trips. The thing is, this song was everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. And it isn’t always about the quality of a song. It can be about a memory. A time. A person.

4. Avril Lavigne- What the Hell: what a terrible and annoyingly catchy song. However whenever I feel down and useless, I listen to it and thank God that, at least, I am not Avril Lavigne. Eugh. She basically sings about the joys of being a slut. Fab. In the video, she gives the camera the finger, with both hands. That’s class. When I listen to this song, I feel posh and sophisticated. Because, like the rest of my body, I keep my fingers to myself.

Anyway, there are many more. I might actually have a part 2 of this post. Stressing the word MIGHT.

I think music is a lot like food in a way. There are different tastes and different styles. You have the caviar of music and the McDonald’s of music and generally you are either a gourmand or a yahoo.
That being said, there is no rule that the gourmand can’t eat a Big Mac….just will he ever admit to liking it? 😉

Lots of love everyone xxx