I pride myself with my stoicism. I don’t fly off the handle for nothing. I choose my battles wisely. I keep a sweet demeanour even when conditions are far from sweet. At work, I smile through bodily fluids and bad smells. I am not a fembot. I am simply very protective of my heart and my feelings.

Except when I am hormonal. And come on girls, lets face it- even the most adorable of females can become raging bulls in the face of PMS. Usually I can put on a brave face for anything. But when those oestrogen and progesterone levels become neck and neck, all bravery is lost and all that is slightly unfair in this world seems like a full blown tragedy.

Hence why being healthy this week was really hard. Usually, I do not really give my food choices much of a thought any more, ie I have accepted that eating crap is just not a doable option. As they say in Italian, punto e basta. However, my hormonal self was craving chocolate. And I was watching my colleagues pig out on pizza and pasta and sweets…and I know for a fact that none of them exercise…and they are all thin.

And the little whiny endocrine system inside of me was sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear ‘Its not fair, is it, my precious?’.

I don’t usually think that way. That kind of thinking is destructive and dangerous. I have accepted a long time ago that if you expect the world to be fair you shall be sorely disappointed. But all rationality had sailed in a cloud of pheromones out the window. I was angsty, crampy, grumpy, dirty and pissed. And as a result, pouty and sulky.

In a way, I had regressed 16 years.

Well, I’m not 13 anymore. I have a job, a husband and a household to run. I had to snap out of it…back then, I would shut myself in my room and stare at my boyzone posters…I had an immense crush on Stephen Gately…who turned out to be gay…and now dead.

As my 29 year old self and with no boyzone paraphernalia to speak of (thank God), I decided to grab my iPod and go running until I felt better.

And believe it or not, I did. I was heaving, red in the face, sweaty and slightly nauseous. But all in all, I felt good. And positive thoughts filled my brain.

And I was back to my regular, adorable self.

So I guess it really is all in the mind…or in the uterus. Oh well.