I have never cheated in my life. Seriously. I am a good nerd and a happy nerd, I got my grades the old fashioned way. I never cheated on any boyfriend. I have DEFINITELY never cheated on my husband. I used to get a gold medal in the sack race in sports day at school because I have mad jumping skills.

However, I do have cheat days when it comes to meals. At least once every ten days. I try to incorporate them as some kind of celebration, so the focus is not on the food aspect of the whole thing.

My hubby was away for a few days because of work. In my five years of marriage I have never slept alone and it was weird. I enjoy my solitude, but I also enjoy my husband…I like being alone together, if that makes any sense at all. I even missed his snoring…and that is usually my main gripe about him…I joke that every night it’s like being cast in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

So on his return, I made him pizza. I haven’t had pizza since December. I wasn’t sure I remembered how to make it, but it all came back to me in the end…


And the result was pretty darn good, even if I do say so myself…


And I made him his favourite, lemon drizzle cake…


Personal interlude here: for my Maltese followers, I am taking part in a stand-up comedy show at the hard rock cafe, Valletta waterfront on Thursday 28th at 8.30pm. I am terrified, but I am forcing myself to do this because in the end, I know I will be proud of myself.

I always believe in getting things on my own merit…if you cheat, you can never be proud of what you have achieved. Recently, I have been informed on a promotion I got at work and while I am proud, I am also very nervous and filled with self doubt. But I also believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Was I comfortable about embarking on a health food journey? Was I comfortable getting into personal training? Was I comfortable getting my MA? Was I comfortable auditioning for stand-up comedy? No, no, no and no. But in the end, all these things have made me grow and learn.

So I guess I just have to remember the slogan on my favourite mug:


Keep calm and carry on. Yes indeed.