I turned 29 yesterday. I have not yet begun to dread birthdays, however this time I felt my heart sink a little at the prospect of the end of my twenties. I keep telling myself that 29 is not old and most of my friends are in fact older than me, I am also one of the younger nurses on staff where I work. And I certainly don’t feel old.

However, I’ll be trawling through online shops and see t-shirts with cookie monster and mickey mouse, I find myself momentarily hesitating, asking myself ‘is this age appropriate?’ and then I shake such nonsensical thoughts out of my head and of course buy them anyway. And I wear My Little Pony across my chest with pride. And my Winnie the Pooh socks. Did I mention I own a stuffed Miss Piggy? My iPad cover has a Hello Kitty motif on it.

One aspect that has surely matured is my choice in food and lifestyle in general.

When I was 18, I thought I was invincible, I would never get old. I would party until 4 in the morning, wake up again at 8am, get burnt until I resemble a tasty crustacean at the beach all day and party again all night. I was never tired. I never worried about gaining weight and energy was never an issue. I never thought about my mortality, electricity bills, career progression and all the other grown-up things that continuously occupy my thoughts now.

The one thing I never really thought about was fitness and I am certainly glad that has changed before it got too late. In the past, I have written about being on being on a health kick but now I realise that it has to be a mindful and consistent thing in order to really reap the benefits.

I am also amazed at my will power. I had no doubt in my head that I am a strong woman, mentally, physically and emotionally. But I feel like I have now sort of proved it. And I like to think that I get better with age.

So yes, I may adorn myself in Sesame street t-shirts, I still love the Muppet show, I wear a broach of Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats on the lapel of my coat. I dance around my kitchen to 80s hits while I cook, even though I’m too you g to remember them and I lick the spoon whenever I make cake batter, despite the risk of salmonella.

And here is a relatively timeless, healthy snack, hummus with carrot sticks:


Let’s just be honest. Some things never get old. Maybe I’m one of them. In spirit, surely.