When I look back on previous blog posts, I find myself thinking ‘Dear Lord, I used to eat loads of crap!’. It’s funny how things change within the space of a few months.

But that’s life I guess. Things change all the time.

I’m a born planner. I love to make plans. I like having something to look forward to and I like to make things happen. And I get irrationally upset when someone or something changes my intricately designed plans. That being said, I generally always have a back-up plan and a plan to back that one up too.

As you have probably noticed, just ‘winging it’ is a dirty word in my phrasal vocabulary.

That being said, when it came to food, until a little while ago, I used to just wing it. If I did not have time to shop, I just opened the larder and made pasta or some frozen breaded chicken or chips. And it was beginning to weigh down on me, literally.

This has changed. I now always make time for grocery shopping. And I shop sensibly.

I never thought I could change. But I have. For the better.

A leopard can’t change her spots…

Thank God I’m no leopard.

And here are some veal meatballs, a delicious and well-planned meal.