So I did take the next step in my new health regime: personal training. And dear god, it’s hard work. But in the words of the great Albus Dumbledore, nothing is worth having if it comes easy.

Trust me, it’s not coming easy. I train on my days off, so I can’t work any overtime. And it doesn’t come cheap. And I am perpetually sore…however that’s getting a little better now that I’ve been at it for a month. But I am super determined to reach my target weight, and at this rate, I just might. My efforts are actually starting to show. I personally don’t actually notice, but I have been told.

I find push-ups really punishing. My hands start to slip and I feel like flinging the apparatus across the room. And walking lunges are the pits. When the trainer demonstrates what I’m meant to do, I feel a look of utter distaste cross my face and I can’t control it. Stoicism was never my strong suit. And then he says something like ‘oh, and you’ll do all these exercises as three sets of fifteen.’ I thank God he can’t read minds, however I’m pretty certain the grimace I’m not able to control leaves little to the imagination. I think of expletives that would make Gordon Ramsay blush. But I chose this and it’s working, so it’s all good.

Not that there aren’t days when I feel like throwing in the towel. Those days happen when I have a rotten shift at work or when someone pisses me off royally. And I feel like curling up in a ball and ask myself what is it all for? Lately a doctor told me ‘why do you eat healthily? You are going to die anyway.’ I’m not entirely sure he was joking. I just smiled and gave him thumbs-up. Yep.

But I’m pushing on through. I find going for a run when the air is crisp and the sun is shining is an incredibly liberating feeling. Like nothing can stand in my way.

So I guess I will just sit tight, it’ll be alright. Well probably not sit…more like squat…or lunge…or cycle…

And below is an example of a delicious and healthy lunch…