I spent a week in Rome in the beginning of January and it was one of the greatest holidays I ever went on.

Now, I have been to Rome twice before, for 10 days on honeymoon and for 4 days with my family. But this time it was different. I spent a week with my parents and I got a real feel for the city.

Of course, watching your weight while in Rome would seem preposterous but really, their produce is so good that eating chicken and veg is a total treat! Even their salads are special!


Of course, what the Italians are famous for are their pizza and pasta, which actually look beautiful!



Yet the most sentimental part for me was visiting the place where I spent my honeymoon, which was in Trastevere. We even visited the restaurant my husband and I went to as soon as we arrived and I ate the exact same meal: ravioli with creamy sausage sauce and home-made tiramisu.



My one food folly in Rome however is when we went to a restaurant and we were majorly over-charged for everything. The cover charge (which is very common in Rome) was excessive. But the worst part was dessert. I saw a tiny baby-strawberry tart on display and I really, really like them…I had one on my honeymoon, so I thought I’d reminisce. But when the bill came, I was charged 9 euros for it! More expensive than my actual meal! I was shocked. I was expressing my dismay to my mother in Maltese and I think the hostess understood I was upset, so she presented my mother and myself with a rose. I didn’t want a rose, I wanted my 9 euros back, you thieving hussy! At least it was a nice rose. I guess maybe it was foolish of me not to ask the price of the dessert before I ordered it. Oh well.


I made sure to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain so I could definitely return 🙂 until next time, everybody.