So the ten week diet challenge is over and I lost 8.5kg, which is not too bad. I wish it was 10kg, but I’m not too far away from that. And how do I feel over all?

The truth of the matter is….strange.

I’m happy. Yes, it is true. I love fitting into cooler clothes and feeling that sense of achievement. But at the same time I feel weird. Never in my life have I put so much emphasis on my appearance. I like cool and original clothes, but that is a whole other level- I use clothes to express myself…by looking at what I’m wearing you can get a pretty good idea of who I am. I don’t dress to get attention or to be sexy.

Now all of a sudden, I catch myself eyeing shorter skirts, a slightly tighter variation of dresses. I have many friends who have lost considerable amounts of weight and I have often said they lost their character along with the kilos. I guess when you are super thin with the ideal body you don’t have to be smart and funny anymore…nobody is listening to you anyway, they are all looking at or envying your hot bod.

I did not lose that fantastic amount of weight, I still have some way to go. But I sincerely don’t want to lose myself along the way. And I must say, I used to abhor dieting people, as all they could talk about was their diet…it gets boring and tedious to listen to. But now I understand a little bit, because being on a diet when the rest of the world isn’t is an all consuming feeling- at friendly meals everyone stares to see if you will break your diet or not and with family who don’t understand your diet you end up breaking it or not visiting at all.

I thank God that my mum totally gets it. She is a diabetic and we are on pretty much the same diet…the only difference is, if I break it there won’t be serious repercussions, but if she does she could end up with her foot cut off.

Many tell you that the aim of dieting is to be healthier, not to look slimmer, but I say that’s bullshit unless you have a condition like diabetes or are a coeliac. If anyone was dieting and their blood levels were all intact and they were in the best internal health ever but it did not show on the outside, nobody would diet.

Well, even though it’s Christmas I’m still on my diet. And I hope I haven’t changed much character-wise. No matter what my weight or how I look, I hope I will always be sweet, quirky, funny Marie 🙂

With that, I will leave you with a brilliant food and fashion related purchase I made a while ago:


Lots of love everyone.