Christmas is more than a month away, but I am definitely feeling the spirit. In my ward, we put up an absolutely beautiful tree and decorated the ceilings…I even bought a Christmas hoodie. The tree is great, as when paediatric patients get nervous or start crying, we take them near the tree and it has a totally mesmerising effect on them…they hardly need the anaesthesia anymore! Ok, that’s a huge exaggeration, but it does help a lot.

I’m still on my diet, and I am kind of worried about my love for mince pies but oh well. I’m sure I can figure something out…maybe I can make healthy mince pies? Somehow I’m not so optimistic on finding that recipe!

Just a small warning, which is really the whole point of this post. Usually I write funny stories or quirky tales but since I am a nurse over and above anything else I must say: this is the beginning of the festive season- be careful. If you drink, call a taxi home. Exercise some caution when in groups and at parties. The amount of emergencies we see around the Christmas season is triple the amount of at regular times. I don’t ever wish to see anyone at my place of work, least of all my nearest and dearest.

And on that preachy note, I will say feliz navidad. Take care everyone.