Halloween is upon us and all, so I decided to blog about what scares me:

1. A patient dying because of something I did or failed to do: this is my pet fear. As far as I know, it has not happened yet…but it does not mean it can’t.

2. Cockroaches: I know it’s a very common fear, but it is most definitely a real one. You can shit, piss or vomit on me and I won’t flinch. But a cockroach reduces me to a screaming banshee, running wildly in the opposite direction of the harmless insect.

3. Mouldy food: about a thousand years ago while I was in secondary school, I hadn’t eaten my lunch on the last day and forgot it there, in my backpack all summer. It was wrapped in plastic, so it didn’t actually smell. When I discovered it, I was so horrified, I couldn’t pick up the blue-green sandwich and throw it away. I had to get my brother to do it.

4. Knives: this is one I more or less have gotten over. But for a while, it was quite a burden, especially when I chose home-economics at school. I used to come up with creative ways regarding how to cook food that requires no chopping at all. After a while, I ran out of ideas and resorted to using knives. It turned out ok.

5. Gas ovens: at school we had 4 gas ovens and 2 electric. Of course, I was assigned a gas one. Every time I had to lean in to light it up, I would remember Hansel and Gretel, and how Gretel pushed the old lady into the oven. Scary shit. I have an electric oven at home.

However, right now, my most imminent fear is going to happen on 2nd November- my first weigh in after 5 weeks of dieting. I’m very nervous. I have been making major sacrifices. And people have been commenting on my weight loss. But I really don’t know. Which leaves me to fear number 6:

6. Disappointment: if I haven’t lost any weight, I am going to be devastated. I believe that if you work hard at something, you should get it. That’s how it works in a fair world. But I also know that if you expect the world to be fair, you are going to be very disappointed.

Therefore, I have made a zucchini soup, a recipe I am most definitely not afraid of, for I make it all the time.


And it’s delicious and diet friendly.

Lots of love all, and happy Halloween 🙂