When I was a kid in Canada, I remember long drives to winnepeg and listening to my father’s cassette tapes in the car. The tinny sound blasting from the stereo, my mum and dad singing along to either Orietta Berti, Claudio Villa, ABBA, Roger Whitaker and other old fogey music. Strangely enough, I actually have a few songs on my iPod now as an adult…I don’t particularly like these songs, but I like the way they make me feel when I listen to them.

However, the most treasured album my parents had was a best of the Irish Rovers. There was one song us kids found super amusing was ‘No more bread and butter’. I actually managed to find the lyrics:


I went to the doctor for my yearly review
I knew I might be over by a pound or two
But when I took my clothes off and stepped up on the scale
The doctor looked at me and he said you FAIL.

No more bread and butter, no more pizza and beer
No spaghetti and meat balls, I hope I made myself clear.
Good-bye to lasagna, farewell burgers and fries
Arrive derci pasta, no more Baked Alaska ’til 1995

He said my body realy was a hell of a mess
he’d like me to wieht about 50 pdns less
Start some exercising, look out for your heart
There’s no time like the present for you to starts


I thought that losing weight would just be a breeze
Carrot sticks and lettuce and some cottage cheese
But eating rabbit food couldn’t make me forsake
That burning desire for a big t-bone steak.

Well, I lasted a week, but I can’t take it no more
My knees are shaking and my head is sore
My poor old tummy makes a horrible sound
I think im going to treat it to a night on the town.

Refrain (2 1/2 times)

Just notice how old it is, at the time 1995 was a long way off. We knew every line to this song, when it would play, the car would come alive with us all singing this song. Here is the YouTube link:

I thought of this song because I was in a restaurant last week and they actually had baked Alaska on the menu! And I had never come across it before, so I had to have it! For those not in the know, baked Alaska is ice-cream covered in meringue, it is exceedingly difficult to master. And it is divine!


It’s so funny how a single dessert can take you down memory lane so effectively. It is said that smell is the greatest memory trigger. Well, my sinuses are shot so I guess my taste buds compensate.

Arrive derci!