I have mentioned my dad as a great cook in a previous post, I think almost a year ago if not more. Well, he most definitely still is the best cook I know. I mean, I am pretty good as far as untrained chefs go, but dear dad is something special. I love food, but he ADORES it. That is passion with a capital ‘P’. He visits the grocery store 6 times a day, all the cashiers know him and they don’t even need to ask for his loyalty card number anymore- they have learned it by heart. He has a personal relationship with the butcher which has conveniently opened right next door and he knows exactly which produce is worth buying at the green grocer. Yes, the man is a food oracle.

So when I managed to get the day off today, Easter Sunday, I was absolutely delighted. I am constantly working on holidays and when I am not working, my parents usually go abroad on holiday, but this time they stayed especially for me, so I can join for Easter lunch. There was a tonne of food: Feta and spinach parcels, roast lamb, greek salad, roast potatoes (which I made), tzatsiki, mint and lemon couscous and warm pitta bread.


 I love having lunch at my parents’ house because they are such a colourful and fun loving bunch of people. Even though there are fights and there is chaos, there is a lot of love and mutual understanding. And when we get together we laugh at each other, interrupt, shout, correct each others table manners when our own sometimes leave a lot to be desired. But in this mess, there is actually a certain amount of inimitable harmony and a closeness which I have not experienced in other people’s families. I remember as a school girl, I would sometimes invite friends over and they would immediately feel comfortable in our presence. I like to think that is because we have never pretended to be something we are not and just because there is an ‘outsider’ in the house does not mean that we are going to act any differently. And I honestly think people appreciate that- the discomfort and pressure of being ‘the guest’ is lost: you are in our house, we have invited you here and therefore for a few hours you are one of us. So sit down and eat. We can assure you, the amount of food present on the table is directly proportionate to the size of our hearts 🙂