My day job, that is, being a nurse is very physically taxing. I often have to turn patients twice my size, push stretchers that are not set at the correct height and apply ‘pressure’ on patients with abdomens from here to Mexico. Apply ‘pressure’? you may ask…what does that mean? Well, for those not in the know, during a colonoscopy, your bowel is not perfectly straight and getting through is not as if you are on the London underground getting from destination A to destination B. There are loops and turns and curves. It is often the case that the nurse assisting has to try and straighten these curves out from the outside of the sedated patient’s body by lifting the patient’s tummy. All well and good if your patient is a size 6 supermodel, but that is nearly never the case. We also do procedures that require x-rays and all involved are required to wear a heavy lead apron throughout the procedures, which may last 4 hours.

Therefore, it is no wonder that I ended up with a back injury. I am walking like an elderly person and the doctor gave me a cocktail of pain killers. Unlike Humpty-Dumpty, it will be the pills and taking it easy that will end up putting me back to gether again. The bad part is that I have been told to rest in bed, and I am sincerely no good at that.

However, the WORST part is that I can’t cook.

Well, it isn’t exactly that I can’t cook, but I can’t lift any pots or pans, because believe it or not, they are actually quite heavy. So I am depending on the kindness of family members to cook for me so I can heal up as quickly as possible.

In the mean time, I will leave you with a link to Davina Hamilton’s blog, since, apart from the fact that it is a good read, she also featured my qassatat making skills.

Lots of love everybody.