Yes, guilty as charged, I have not sat down and written anything in ages. Its very shameful. I can turn to the usual excuse, that I was very busy, which is always true, but sometimes that excuse just doesn’t cut it.

2012 so far has been quite full, both in my personal life and in my cullinary life. So, where do I begin?

Maybe I should start with the very end of 2011, when for the first time I made red velvet cake squares for a very large amount of people. And one would think that I would learn after the first time making this confection, to be more careful with the dye, but I wasn’t and my kitchen looked like a axe murder crime scene. The cakes turned out alright though…


On New Year’s day I invited family over for lunch. On these occasions I am always too fixated on presenting perfection so I never take photos of the actual food, but I did take a pic of the dinner table, which was a work of art in itself 🙂

Later on in January, I also took a stab at making naan bread. My dad said it would be really difficult and messy, but it was nothing of the sort and he was totally wrong…but then again, as great a cook my dad is, he tends to shy away from anything involving dough or pastry…

All it takes is a little flour, salt and milk or yoghurt and a hot grill…I made some garlic and some fruit and coconut. The first two I made looked like an indian elephant stepped on a decorated hot-cross bun, but the others were great. It takes a little practice, but totally manageable.

One of my new year’s resolutions should be to blog more…at least once a month…I really will try to do so…and along with it, I will definitely try to come up with something cool and interesting to make for dinner 🙂