November is coming to a close and it has been quite an eventful month. My dad’s 61st birthday, my brother’s 33rd, my 4 year anniversary, an old friend’s wedding and graduation looming in the not-so-distant future. And, of course, a celebration is not a celebration without food of some sort.

For my anniversary, I made a really delicious chocolate gateaux with chocolate butter cream. I am extremely proud of this confection, it was moist and had a slight bitterness that good quality cocoa powder produces.








As for my friend’s wedding, she held a sit down dinner and the food was plentiful and delicious. I had never been to a dinner wedding before and it was a lovely affair. I think the best part was dessert, it was really pretty and decadent at the same time.








Yesterday I decided to make bavette al amatriciana and it was so satisfying. I added some dried chili and the zing with the bacon flavour was so fitting. I felt like eating the entire pot. I did not do so, but the desire was strong.



Even though it has been an eventful month, there is a part of me that feels empty inside. I am not a comfort eater, so I am not going to try fill the void with food. But I have a weird sense of longing and I am not precisely sure what it is I am longing for. I know I am lucky. I have it all: love, a roof over my head, food and clothes, I am relatively good looking and I have a pretty decent brain. But there is still something missing and I hope I find it soon. And it is giving me a tremendous sense of unrest.


Or maybe I am just hormonal. Which is very possible.


However, when I cook, I will be in the zone. I think about nothing but what I am doing. The more complicated the dish, the better. It is as if my brain is a house with many rooms, and all the lights are turned off and empty except for the kitchen, which is brightly lit and a flurry of activity. Within the midst of a dish, sometimes I get inspired and between chopping an onion and blending a white sauce one of life’s questions gets magically answered. Strange, but true.


So I guess I should cook more.