This is a question I am often asked- what is your favourite food. It is a question that I ponder, because I love such a wide array of cuisines and it is really difficult to choose. I definitely know what I don’t like, that includes baked beans, liver, lampuki, artichokes, kippers and sausages infused with cheese that oozes out when you bite into them. Those are really disgusting. Sometimes they dish them out at hospital for lunch and they make me gag when I watch my colleagues eat them. When I was a teenager I had the most awful case of cystic acne, my face, back and chest was a mess of red pustules. I am a little better now, because facial products have improved, but when I see that particular meal, that red flesh dotted with a smelly, viscous white goo, I get secondary school flashbacks. Form 2 bullies, you got it wrong…I wasn’t ‘pizza face’… I was ‘cheesey sausage face’.

As a child I was an extremely picky eater. As in, I used to eat nothing. Its hard to believe, because now I love food. Until I was 17 years old, I had no idea of how good food can be. Lunch used to be a packet of crisps or a chocolate. My mum would always make me a sandwich, but it used to end up in the bin because I didn’t like bread (how shameful, what a disastrous waste of money, I say now, now that I need to budget my own household and seriously do not have money to waste.) Hence why I looked like a bean pole. Yet it all changed when I went to sixth form and discovered my favourite food.

And that is:

Ftira biz-zejt. A ftira is a round, crunchier ciabatta- but that doesn’t do it justice. I simply can’t translate what a ftira is, its warm crunchy, soft-centred goodness. Ftira biz-zejt translates to ftira with oil, but it is so much more than that. Spread it with tomato paste, sprinkle some chopped green olives on it, some pickled veg, good quality tinned tuna, some onions, olive oil and voila’. It is so delicious and tasty. I absolutely love it. I know it is nothing all that special, but the mixture of tastes and textures is what I look for in this kind of food- the crunchy ftira, the tangy pickles, the meaty tuna. As long as the ingredients are of a good quality, one can’t go wrong.

Heh heh, I guess I know what I am going to take to work for lunch tomorrow…