It has finally happened. I used up every last pear from that tree we have growing in the yard. I made a pear and apple crumble. Quite a big one actually. And it tastes divine. I honestly think its my best dessert yet. It is sweet, but not too much and it isn’t so hopelessly fattening either and contributes to your fibre intake! Yes, it is true, there are even oats in the crumble part.

Presentation wise, it is probably not so pretty. But trust me, it tastes soooo good…really cinnamon-full and a little syrupy from the natural sugars in the fruit. I am extremely happy with this dish. I usually don’t ever make the same dessert twice, but when next summer comes with its influx of pears, boy am I ready for them!

  And as summer comes to a close, so do my pear dishes. It is true, where I am is still absolutely boiling hot and I actually contemplated going to the beach today, yet according to the calendar September is equated with an end of summer, back-to-school, stay-indoors vibe.

Well, I say bring it on, with any challenges that come along with it, culinary or personal. I can take it.