I come with a default setting. It’s the word ‘No’. I am not a negative person, but I sometimes have a habit of saying no before even considering an idea. I have been this way since I was little (or so I’m told). When my mum would help me pick out my outfits at the tender age of five it would go something like this:

mum: how about this skirt with this top?

me: No!

mum: what about this blouse and this sweater?

me: No!

mum: how about this new blue duffel coat?

me: No!

and so and so forth until my mum would give up and I would put on something that doesn’t match at all and my shoes on the wrong foot.

However, I am trying to change. I actually own a beautiful blue duffel coat and it is quite my winter staple. But I digress.

Lately, I have been told that my usual Quiche can sometimes be a little over-powering and a little too eggy and maybe I should add a little ricotta to even it out a little bit.


What an abomination! Adding ricotta to my delicious Quiche! Quiche a little too eggy? Its meant to be eggy! Its Quiche!


And the matter was dropped.

Yet a few weeks later I noticed that I had made some short crust pastry and froze it and the eggs I had in the fridge may expire. So I decided to make a Quiche. I already had all the ingredients anyway. As I said, I am trying to change. After much contemplation and staring at my  wallet on the kitchen table, I gingerly picked it up and went to my local grocer and bought 250g of ricotta and added it to my Quiche mix. Quickly, like ripping off a very sticky band-aid.

This is what came of it:

 It definitely looks presentable and I am pretty certain it tastes ok. So I guess one can say it was a success. I am very far away from changing my default setting…and besides, it would be very dangerous to change it to ‘Yes’. Can you imagine?

Will you dance naked in the street?


Will you put cheese on your penne al salmone?


Will you cut up your spaghetti with a knife before eating it, rather than twirling it with fork and spoon?


As one can see, its preposterous.

However, I can definitely do ‘I will think about it.’ Or at least I can try  🙂