Most of my regular followers are aware that I own a particularly prolific pear tree. I try to come up with things to do with them, sweet and savoury. So far I have made and blogged about a pear and cheese salad, a pear and custard tart and a pear cake.

Well, today I made pear cupcakes. I just made regular vanilla cupcakes, pureed a few pears and added them to the mix. For the butter icing, I did pretty much the same, the usual butter icing recipe and with some pear mash mixed in.

So, the results:

  They turned out super soft and moist! And the pear is really subtle but definitely there. The only problem is my piping skills. They are abyssmal. Really awful. I need to practice more, that is for sure. The icing on these look like the poo of a patient with severe cholecystitis…pale and greenish. Anybody want one? heheheh! But seriously, they really do taste good- an experiment that turned out extremely well taste-wise. I will make them again, im sure.