Today I received confirmation that I will begin a course to make me qualified to mentor junior nurses. Mentorship is attractive to me because I believe the only way forward is through knowledge and learning. But teaching is tricky and you need to balance kindness with being assertive, which can be taxing.


Therefore, I decided to practice on my husband. I am mentoring him regarding learning how to cook. It is not easy because:

1) I love him.

2) He is not mine for a few hours and then I can send him away like I can a student, so anything I say or do has immediate repercussions.

3) He lacks what I like to call ‘cooking common sense’ and that is something very difficult to teach, it can only be learnt with time.

4) Like with nursing, if something is not done properly you can actually kill somebody. And in this case it will be either him or me or both. If we are both in hospital with Salmonella, who will take care of the cat?

So I most definitely have my work cut out for me. Today he made pasta with a bersagliere sauce . The general procedure for practical learning is first observe, then perform the task under supervision and then perform the task unsupervised. We were on step 2 for this dish.

He was super enthusiastic. It was really sweet. He was also really excited. He wanted to make sure to chop up the onion just right and to dice the provolone in perfect cubes (even though it is destined to melt). He was very enthusiastic to use the folding-method to stir the sauce and an amount ended up on the counter top.

But it turned out absolutely delicious. It was light even though the ingredients are rich and flavourful. A fantastic first attempt. I was very proud of him and ultimately myself that the teaching-genes from my mum and dad have been passed on to me quite successfully.

I just hope I can do the same for nursing students. Ah well. If they are rubbish, I can always pass on this recipe as a consolation prize. And probably teach them how to make it too.