Its been a long while since I have created a great dish. My life has become so career-centred that I sometimes forget there is much more to me than being a nurse, and now a bioethicist. Cooking is a part of me…it is a skill I acquired patiently, some may even consider it a gift.

Therefore I solemnly swear to cook more innovative dishes rather than rely on old tried and tested favourites. Starting tomorrow. I will hopefully remember to take pictures.

Speaking of culinary escapades, I went on a little trip to Sicily last month. I must say, I ate extremely well. If you have a sweet tooth, it is most definitely the place to be. This ice-cream from cafe Spinella was my favourite:

   That being said, I don’t suggest ever eating/drinking any latte de mandorla. Even though it is divine, it gives the most putrid gas. However, it is so good, it might be worth it. Your partner won’t be very happy though…unless you convince him/her to have some with you…then you can toot together. Now that’s what I call romance.