What with trying to finish off my thesis, going to Spain and being part of Dazzle Troupe’s Burlesque show (you can check us out on Facebook) I simply have not had a minute to write about food. When I am mega busy with other stuff, I am afraid food simply does not inspire me. Not that I have not been cooking yummy things. Even when busy, my food remains fantastic, no compromises.

By the way, the food in Spain is wonderful. Tapas for the win, most definitely. I like chorizo. The balance of spicy and sweet is so good…it is a sausage with texture…hee hee hee!

It was my sister’s birthday recently and I graciously made her a marble cake. Since I have stated many a time that I am a complete disaster with a piping bag, I bought a few ready made decorations and placed them on the cake. Ah well. At least it tasted good.


And with this post, Marie’s Cuisine makes a comeback, bringing delicious food to a blog designed for anyone who cares enough to click the link I will post on Facebook/ Twitter. And even if that only comprises of my brother, sister and husband, I am still proud and inspired! Lots of love everybody xxxx