It was a public holiday last thursday so I decided to take the day off and cook for the family. As usual, I will be so busy serving and making sure everyone is comfortable that I forget to take pictures of my own work, but I managed a few:

I set up an mixed cold cuts platter with a few cheeses. True, it is not exactly brain surgery and you just have to buy the stuff from a good delicatessan, but it is tasty and it suited me just fine.

I made a great lasagne verde, but was too busy to get a shot of it, but I accompanied it with diabetic garlic bread. Once again, it was extremely easy, just mix some crushed garlic and olive oil together and brush it on some diabetic bread and chuck it in the oven.

For dessert, I bought some diabetic ice cream and some diabetic jelly and served them together. However, for the non-diabetics, I had been wanting to make a chocolate mousse for ages, so i decided to give it a go:

 So once again, another successful lunch time gathering. As soon as my thesis is ready, I will definitely have more 🙂